The Photographer Juan Mayr

Juan Mayr Maldonado was born on May27, in 1952. His name, like the most Spanish naming customs, carries both paternal and maternal names, The first “Mayr” is the paternal family name while the second ” Maldonado” is the maternal family name.

The photographer Juan Mayr was an environmentalist too and got elected to the post of vice-president of the World Conservation Union and also became Minister of Environment of Colombia in 1998. He has also held the post of the  president of the United Nations' conference on bio-safety.

In 1993, Juan Mayr was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize. His work illustrates the rich, diverse nature of Colombia. He loves to picture exotic animals or plants and most of his pictures are found in wildlife conservation institute and conservation organization. This photographer turned environmentalist, lived for two years in in the Sierra Nevada.  He worked on promoting Kogi, who live on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada in villages.

The photographer Juan Mayr also set up the Fundación Pro-Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Bringing together regional government, scientists, farmers, indigenous peoples, scientists, local conservationists and different armed groups, Juan Mayr worked hard to expand a participative conservation plan. It was after four years of hard work and meetings as well as consultations and workshops that the Fundación Pro-Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta developed a participatory conservation development plan for the area.

Juan Mayr also supported the 500 years of struggle by Arsario and Arhuaco Indians to get back their traditional land. In 1994, about 20, 000 hectares of traditional lands were returned by the Colombian government to these indigenous peoples.

Speaking about the work of the photographer Juan Mayr, he loved clicking the wild life. He has some incredible picture taken. Currently, he works as a politician.

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