Juan Manuel Echavarría

Juan Manuel Echavarría Olano is a present day Latin American artist. He was born in 1947 in Medellín but lives in New York City today. He gor his education in US but has also lived in Europe. He began his career as a writer and also got two of his novels published. He was awestruck looking at history from different angles. Btu soon his love of writing gave way to the rich images. Soon, the photographer Juan Manuel realized that he loved imagery more than writing. This is how he turned to photography and pursued it as a way of his creative outlet.

The earlier work of Juan Manuel Echavarría depicts the civil conflicts that plagued Colombia in the 20th century and deal with violence. His photos give vivid decryptions of the brutality associated among the guerrilla and the national and the different groups. These seemingly never-ending and forgotten war becomes a reality to the spectator when he sees these photographs byJuan Manuel Echavarría.

The photographer Juan Manuel has held many solo exhibitions. His work lends a voice to the thousands of farmers that have been slaughtered and dislocated from their homes. Acouple of well known titles by him are Silencio de Bellavista Ocre y Silencio de Bellavista Verde , Lo Bonito es Estar Vivo, Lo Bonito es Estar Vivo, Se Quedaron Las Raices, El Testigo and many more.

His work is a proud part of important collections such as: The Goetz Collection, The Daros Collection , ColeccionPatricia Phelps de Cisneros, de Arte Moderno de Bogota , Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires; Museo; and the North Dakota Museum Art.

La “O” an exhibition of new photographs by Juan Manuel Echavarría were p[resented in Josée Bienvenu Gallery.

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