The History of Colombian Photography

The history of Colombian photography in this amazing lush tropical nation sure boasts about some acclaimed photographers. The sheer diversity of fauna and flora offer some great topics and subjects to photograph. Whether it is the Bogotá, the capital city or the lovely colonial city Cartagena, you will come across a wide selection of beautiful pictures taken by the lenses of various people who have toured different destinations of this amazing country. Let us look back in the history of Colombian photography.

Colombia is perhaps the only country in South America whose pristine beaches are vied for by both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The Photo Gallery of Colombia’s Tourism Portal portrays a rich history of Colombian photography through its collection over time. Some of these photos belong to the Vice Presidency for Tourism while many others are contributed by local professional photographers. There are still many other pictures that are the work of foreign tourists. But all these photographs seem successful in portraying the diverse landscapes and natural beauty of the country.

Just take a tour of the wonderful images; and you will get well acquainted with the country, as well as the history of Colombian photography. Look at its beaches, customs, people, cities through the eye of the lenses. You will also understand the extensive range of contemporary aesthetics and technologies used and changing with time. The museum strives to converse the value and meaning of these photographic images, using them as an expression of human thought, its creativity as well as imagination. Just a look at them can help you take a glimpse in the history of Colombian photography.

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